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Group music lessons at The Gorin School of Music provide students with an intimate knowledge of the inner workings of music. Group classes, whether offered as piano lessons, guitar lessons, singing lessons, or music lessons, assist students in their study of music theory (harmony and form analysis), ear training, Solfeggio, rhythmic training, and music history.

Preparatory Music Program: The Gorin School of Music Preparatory Music Program with Introduction to Various Instruments offers beginning music students an introduction to music and learning an instrument. Classes in the program are delivered in a small peer-group setting where children practice ear training and learn the musical alphabet, how to develop a sense of rhythm, Solfeggio (voice exercise in which runs, scales, etc., are sung to the same syllable or syllables), and songs. All student activities are presented in an innovative format of games and fun learning.
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Ear-Training Class: In The Gorin School of Music Ear-Training Group Class students will explore elements of music through singing and listening. The class is designed to aid music students in playing and studying the music repertoire for their instrument. The four primary elements of music: pitch (melody, harmony), dynamics (loud and soft), duration (rhythm, meter), and timbre (tone color) will be emphasized.
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Guitar, Flute, Violin & Voice Group Class: The Gorin School of Music Guitar, Flute & Voice Class is presented in a group format which presents beginning music students with an initiation into music fundamentals as well as an introduction to voice, woodwind instruments for their further learning and exploration. The classes, segregated by age groups of 7-10 years old, 10 years and older, and the adults, are conducted in a fun, hands-on learning environment among peers, which is ideal for beginning music students.
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