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This policy is designed to enable the Gorin School of Music (GSM) to provide each student with the best possible musical education. Solicitation of the GSM teachers for private lessons outside of the school is strictly forbidden. Not only is it disrespectful to the teacher and to the school, but it also undermines the integrity of the GSM Program. It is not just music lessons that are provided here: the complementary classes and activities provided by the school collectively influence the students’ musical progress and achievements. Please understand that any attempt to solicit GSM teachers will represent grounds for dismissal.

Evaluations are provided to measure and motivate progress (see Student Calendar for dates):

• GSM Technical Evaluation (November-emphasis on developing technical skills)

• GSM Performance Evaluation (May-emphasis on developing performing experience)

GSM Musicianship Evaluation (April-emphasis on developing deeper understanding of music and music theory)

Recitals are provided three times a year (see Student Calendar). All students are encouraged to participate.

Tuition is charged monthly and is based on the following rates (for once a week lessons): |
60 minutes lesson $76.00 per lesson
45 minutes lesson $60.00 per lesson
30 minutes lesson $42.00 per lesson

Tuition is charged monthly and is based on the following rates (for twice a week lessons):
45 minutes lesson $57.00 per lesson
30 minutes lesson $38.00 per lesson

Additional fees and rates are billed monthly and are based on the following:
Specific teachers once a week lessons are: $ 80.00/ $ 64.00/ $ 45.00 (60 min./45 min. /30 min.)
Consulting by musical director: $60.00 (30min.) $120.00 (60 min.)
Accompaniment fee $24.00 (30 minutes)
Recital/evaluation fee $24.00
Registration fee $30.00 (payable at the time of registration)
Ear-Training Tutorial Class $25.00 per month for GSM students (Twice a month)
Ear-Training Tutorial Class $40.00 per month for non GSM students (Twice a month)

Tuition statement for the upcoming month will be distributed to parents by teachers at the end of each month. The number of lessons per month is determined by the number of days of the week on which the lesson occurs that month. Each month’s tuition must be paid on or before the first day of that month. A late fee of $25 will be assessed for tuition paid after the deadline. There is a 7-day grace period for tuition payment. No refund or credit will be given for missed or canceled lessons. GSM requires a month notice to stop the lessons.

During the regular school year, GSM takes Memorial Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving holiday, a Winter Break and a
Spring Break. There will be no lessons during these vacation days and the tuition statement will reflect that. If your family's
vacation exceeds ours, please do not adjust your bill, but arrange a make-up lesson with your teacher if the teacher is available
for a make-up. Summer vacation can not be longer than one month. We cannot guarantee a placement in the Fall if vacation is extended. Please notify the administrator of your family's summer vacation as soon as you know it.

Make-up lessons may be arranged with an individual teacher for lessons missed due to illness only. 24-hour direct notice to
the teacher is required (a teacher should be called at his/her private phone number) with the only exception being medical emergency cases. Make-up lessons are provided only during the same month of a missed lesson and must be scheduled accordingly with a teacher's availability. A make-up lesson cannot be transferable to the next month or be used as a
credit for a future lesson.
The allowable number of make-up lessons is limited to 2 per semester.

Books and materials purchased by the teacher for your child should be reimbursed directly to the teacher the day they are received. At home, you are instrumental in enabling your child to succeed in his or her musical education. Make sure that your
child practices regularly according to his/her teacher's direction. Have your child listen to lots of music (KDFC FM 102.1,
KKHI FM 100.7). Make sure that his or her practice area has adequate lighting and is away from the TV and radio. Have your child's instrument properly maintained and tuned annually (pianos). Go to concerts! There is no substitute for the true sound of live music, and the sight of musicians performing. Build your library of recordings-if you like something you hear on the radio or at a concert, pick it up at the record store. Listen to it with your child…make music part of your life as well as your child's.