The Gorin School of Music





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The Gorin School of Music, located in Mountain View, was founded
in 1991 by Rufina Gorin, who envisioned a school of music inspired by
the primary and secondary music schools of her native Russia.

These schools are known around the world for their well-rounded
curriculum, as well as the international stars of the concert stage
they have produced such as Yevgeny Kissin, Vladimir Ashkenazi,
and Lazar Berman just to name a few.

The Gorin School of Music, with a dedicated hand-picked faculty of twenty international musicians from Russia, United States, Southern America, Europe and Asia, continues to be the ever growing realization of Mrs. Gorin's vision. There is no other single institution in the area that provides such a complete primary and secondary musical education that includes private instrumental lessons, theory, solfege, ear training, rhythmic training, composition, history and literature, chamber music and choir, along with regular jury evaluations and performance opportunities. Such a complete curriculum is otherwise available at the college level, which puts most aspiring musicians from this area at a disadvantage when facing their better trained European and Asian contemporaries. The Gorin School of Music is dedicated to filling this gap.

In addition, The Gorin School of Music offers free recitals to the public by its faculty and students as a community service. These are held periodically and announced through local newspapers. In January of 1998, the School inaugurated a series of six Monday evening lectures on a variety of topics ranging from Castrati singers to the Evolution of Jazz.

The Gorin School of Music also offers a preparatory study which is a method on introducing music and musical concepts to very young children.