GSM is Accredited by Western Association of Schools and Colleges
The Gorin School of Music

The Gorin Difference







The Gorin School of Music prides itself in teaching music comprehensively. Following the European tradition,
individual instrumental skill training is combined with history and theory study, solfeggio, and ear training,
students learn not only the facts of music, but also the skills of being able to write down what hey hear
and sing what they have learned to play on their instrument. The GSM Program produces in students an
internalization of the logic, richness, and subtleties of music, leading to a fuller understanding and appreciation
in both playing and listening to music that they will carry them for the rest of their lives.

GSM takes great pride in the way it prepares its students to become capable musicians, culminating in the
Graduation Recital, where GSM graduates demonstrate their accomplishment by performing music expressively and confidently.

20% of GSM graduates become music majors in college, another 20% continue music education as music minors,
and 55% continue by playing in community orchestras, churches, bands, etc. The GSM drop out rate is a mere 5%.

The GSM Curriculum with its system of learning and accountability enables the students to move progressively
from level to level and successfully graduate.